Building The Community, We've All been Waiting For!

Built for us by us, for our safety and prosperity!

African Investment , African American Swagger.

We're building a whole community outside the reach of white supremacy but not at the expense of our local African brothers & sisters. Black style, African Freedom, Beach Living & Generational Wealth.

Two Ways to Get Involved!

You'll be able to get involved as an investor or as an end-product buyer! You'll be able to purchase bonds with our US partners. You'll also be able to purchase living space or business space in the community!

Removing Barriers to Entry!

Historically only very wealthy individuals or organizations had access to engage in this kind of project. We've made sure that the average person can engage with us! We've designed this opportunity to open to any member of the community.

Safety. Security. Freedom

The Community will be a gated beachfront space with onsite security and maintenance.

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    Upcoming events

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    an idealized ego that denies reality.

    Freedom Retreat
    10:00am - 08:00PM
    Freedom Retreat
    Get to know Kenya! There is no other place in East Africa that offers the

    Speaker: WIlliam Hannah, CEO, Xpeedstudio

    Vanue: Mombasa, Kenya | Masai Mara, Kenya | Wasini Island, Kenya | Diani Beach, Kenya

    C-Suite Experience Trip
    10:00AM - 09:00PM
    C-Suite Experience Trip
    We've curated the perfect C-Suite experience for you. We'll explore a multitude of business opportunities

    Speaker: WIlliam Hannah, CEO, Xpeedstudio

    Vanue: Kenya

    Freedom Fridays
    Join us for online live bi-weekly discussions about the Royal Freedom Project and any other

    Speaker: WIlliam Hannah, CEO, Xpeedstudio

    Vanue: Live Streaming

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    What is the Royal Freedom Project?

    What is the Royal Freedom Project?

    John DeBellotte of DeBellotte Global Ltd. & Queen Candace of The Queen BluePrint LLC have joined forces to bring you one of the most exciting investment oppertunities of the year!